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How can the UK remain competitive post-Brexit? And how can we ensure tech benefits everyone?

These two questions are central to our 2018 programme.

As tech encompasses more and more of our lives and takes an increasingly prominent position in the economy, it’s vital that policy helps create the society we want now and into the future. This includes policy that promotes the success of the UK on the global stage as well as ensuring that the tech sector itself is inclusive, diverse and encompasses all of society. 

As the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the internet, communications and technology, we provide a forum for policy-makers and the tech industry to engage with policy.

Following our successful 2017, where we held more than 10 events with over 100 different Parliamentarians engaging with our APPG despite the snap election, we’re pleased to announce our ambitious 2018 events programme.

Our events programme is based on feedback from our membership, including Parliamentarians, stakeholders and members from the internet, communications and technology sectors. If you’re interested in attending any of the events or becoming a member, please get in touch by emailing admin@pictfor.org.uk.

2018 Events Programme

Kicking off the year with a discussion on how the UK can birth even more tech businesses, we’ll be holding our first panel event of the year examining the question “Will the UK remain the tech start-up and scale-up capital of Europe?”.

Following the Spring Statement, we’ll be hosting a CEO Forum roundtable dinner with the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, on improving productivity which benefits everyone. CEO Forums are roundtable events open to corporate-level members.

In March Pictfor member Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are sponsoring a panel event where we’ll discuss the Industrial Strategy and UK global competitiveness. This will look at whether the UK is fit for the future and what investment is needed.

April is for AI. The 2017 Autumn Budget announced funding for Artificial Intelligence (AI) including setting up a national advisory body for AI. We’ll be holding a briefing on how we can assure that AI is ethical.

As one year will have passed since the triggering of Article 50, we’ll discuss what opportunities exist in Brexit to benefit UK tech through our second CEO Forum of the year.

Following our successful Parliamentary briefing on 5G last autumn, we’re holding a panel event on how to best support 5G and universal connectivity throughout the UK.

In June, we’ll discuss the changing world of work and the “fourth industrial revolution”. This panel event will focus on the future of work and how we can ensure that benefits are shared across society.

Highlighting its importance, our theme for the Summer Reception is cyber security. Is the UK truly the safest place to do business online?

Following the success of last year’s Shoreditch Summer Reception – taking politics to the heart of tech in the capital and welcoming new stakeholders into the conversation- we’re bringing it back. This year’s reception will focus on ‘fake news’.

As schools and universities return after the summer break in September, we’ll turn our focus to asking how can we prepare students today for the world of tomorrow. This will provide an opportunity to consider how we ensure both teachers and students are equipped for success. 

Our second parliamentary briefing will take place in October and will look at the Internet of Things (IoT), focusing on how the UK can make the best use of it. We’ll ask how the UK can benefit from the connected future.

In November Pictfor will host a panel event on digital innovation, using the NHS as a case study to examine how tech and digital transformation can improve public services.

The CEO Forum in November will be responsive to the policy landscape as we approach the end of the year. We welcome your suggestion throughout the year on our event programme.

The final panel event of the year in December will tackle the growing concern of diversity in tech. This event provides an opportunity to share best practice in the tech for good movement and in ensuring the tech sector is inclusive.

As always, we’ll round off the year with our Annual Dinner – further details will be announced later in the year.

If you’re interested in attending any of the events or becoming a member, please get in touch by emailing admin@pictfor.org.uk.

If you would like further information on this topic or about PICTFOR’s programme of events, please get in touch!

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