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Should more Politicians Blog or Tweet?

There are a growing number of very good bloggers and tweeters in Parliament, see Blogminster and Tweetminster, but in general we still find, in any Parliament actually, quite a small group of digital evangelists or people who regularly use and understand the Internet.  Its good to see that Pictfor attracts more than it’s fair share of above average […]

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Event: What Should Be in the March Budget to Promote Growth and Technology?

 A PICTFOR Speaker Series Event followed by a Reception “What Should Be in the March Budget To Promote Growth and Technology?” Tuesday 21st February Speakers: Matthew Ellard Vice President UK & Ireland Symantec Lord Richard Allan Director of Policy in Europe Facebook Chaired By: Stephen Mosley MP, PICTFOR Date: Tuesday 21st February Event: 6.30pm-7.30pm, followed by […]

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