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PICTFOR Twitter Awards and Summer Reception 2014

Summer Reception & PICTFOR Twitter Awards 2014 Thank you to all those who attended our Second Annual Twitter Teach-In and Awards ceremony last night. A very successful Summer Reception followed immediately after with a keynote speech from John Whittingdale MP. Now that the shortlists, Runners-Up and Winners have been announced we can publish the results […]

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Should more Politicians Blog or Tweet?

There are a growing number of very good bloggers and tweeters in Parliament, see Blogminster and Tweetminster, but in general we still find, in any Parliament actually, quite a small group of digital evangelists or people who regularly use and understand the Internet.  Its good to see that Pictfor attracts more than it’s fair share of above average […]

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Event: PICTFOR hosts Twitter “teach-in” to 50 Parliamentarians

Twitter’s Adam Sharp gave a fascinating  “teach in” to 50 parliamentarians at the PICTFOR meeting held in the Grand Committee room in the House of Commons last night.  Eric Joyce MP  introduced @AdamS to Members from both Houses who were keen to learn more about the Twitter phenomenum and how “The open exchange of information can have a […]

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