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PICTFOR's Fourth Annual Diversity and Inclusion Rally On Tuesday 17 May, PICTFOR hosted our second in-person event of the year – our fourth annual diversity and inclusion rally in the House of Commons. Event Report: Health Tech Event Report: Health Tech On Wednesday 16 March, PICTFOR hosted their second event of the year. The in-person roundtable focused on Health Tech and was titled: How can Health Tech support the Government’s public health agenda and maintain well-being? PICTFOR'S 2022 AGM PICTFOR Annual General Meeting 2022 Wednesday 16th March, 2022, 15:30-16:00 Hosted in the House of Commons Event Report: Evolution of Online Entertainment Event Report: Evolution of Online Entertainment On Tuesday 9 February, PICTFOR hosted their first event of the year on the Evolution of Online Entertainment, titled: What role can the sector play in helping policy makers embrace the evolution of entertainment, celebrating its positive influence and mitigating its negative impacts? PICTFOR's Annual Dinner 2021 After over a year and a half of virtual events, on Wednesday 24 November PICTFOR was able to host its Annual Dinner in the House of Lords. Event Report: Research and Development Event Report: Research and Development On Wednesday 17 November, PICTFOR hosted their Research and Development Event, titled: How can the tech sector further drive innovation in the UK’s economy and help to close the digital divide?
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