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Programme of Events 2020

The secretariat has solicited suggestions from PICTFOR’s Parliamentarian, industry and stakeholder members and used the resulting priorities to form the basis of this programme of events. Topics and timings may vary to accommodate speakers’ schedules and the legislative programme. Please note with respect to the upcoming events below that further details, including speakers and timings, will be announced at a later date.



Throughout each of our events below, we will cover the following broad themes through discussion:


  1. Britain’s Place in the World – What more can the UK do to ensure that we continue to be outward facing and further position ourselves as a global digital leader in the years to come?
  2. Climate Change & Tech – How can the tech sector help the UK combat climate change and be a positive force for environmentalism?

We will continue to ensure the issues of diversity and tech ethics are touched on during all events.


Welcome Reception

How can Parliament and the tech community work together to increase social and economic prosperity across the UK?

Member’s Event – Reception with speeches and networking

Date: Tuesday, 25th February 16:00 – 18:00 in the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons

Sponsored by Google and Internet Association

Keynote speaker: Matt Warman MP, Minister for Digital and Infrastructure

Theme: Introducing PICTFOR to the new Parliament, this event will cover our themes for 2020 and outline the purpose of PICTFOR while providing a networking space for our industry members, Parliamentarians and other senior thought-leaders to interact.


Online Harms

How do we include and protect through internet design?   

Member’s Event – Roundtable

Date: Wednesday, 29th April 16:30 – 18:00


  • What is being done well to prevent and mitigate online harms now?
  • How can we further work internationally to tackle global online harms?
  • In the modern digital world, what are practical ways to regulate the internet and ensure decision-making is democratic?



How can the UK further lead the digital health revolution?

Member’s Event – Panel


  • How do we ensure the UK embraces cutting edge innovation which best serves the NHS and patients?
  • What are emerging technologies in healthtech?
  • How can the NHS use data in the future and further join up digital systems?

Speakers TBA

Skills & Scale Up  

Start-up to Global – How can the UK nurture more Unicorns?

Member’s Event – Panel


  • How do we create the right conditions to ensure the UK is the best place in the world to start and scale a globally successful company?
  • How can the UK further promote companies and individuals responding to global challenges, including climate change?
  • What additional skills and investment do we need to further advance the UK’s ability to host tech unicorns?
  • What more can be done to encourage and support diversity in this space?



What further strategic investment will help to ensure Britain cultivates our growing cutting-edge digital economy?

CEO Forum open to Parliamentarians and corporate level members


  • What further investment is needed to ensure that Britain remains a leading digital economy?
  • What further opportunities exist for strategic investment that will allow the UK to be completive in emerging technologies and ways of working?
  • How can the UK further drive innovation to lead in solving global challenges?



Pro-tech, Pro-innovation, Pro-diversity: How can greater accountability help the sector and the world?  

Member’s Event – Summer Reception or Roundtable/Panel


  • How can we ensure commitment to diversity and good company culture is non-optional for top companies?
  • What additional pro-tech and pro-innovation initiatives can help to ensure that the creation and benefits of tech are spread throughout society?
  • How are tech companies changing and diversifying, and what positive effects are we seeing as a result?



How can we ensure Britain becomes the best-connected nation? 

Member’s Event – Keynote speech and Roundtable


  • What further investment do we need to ensure that the UK is ready for 5G?
  • How can we further innovate for consumer fairness and good regulation?
  • How can we inspire rapid take up of 5G and better connectivity throughout the UK, so that people and businesses can make the most of the opportunities presented by these developments?


Trade & The Global Digital Marketplace

What are the priorities of the global-facing UK digital economy? 

CEO Forum open to Parliamentarians and corporate level members


  • What do we want to see from future trade agreements to ensure that the UK can drive forward our digital market including security, data-flow and intellectual property rights?
  • How can we continue to attract the best and brightest people to live and work in Britain?
  • Can continuing to lead on tech ethics, promoting diversity and solving the world’s big problems help to ensure we continue to be the top digital ecosphere


Annual Dinner Member’s Event (additional cost)

If you would like further information on this topic or about PICTFOR’s programme of events, please get in touch!

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