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Programme of Events 2024

The secretariat has solicited suggestions from PICTFOR’s Parliamentarian, industry, and stakeholder members and used the resulting priorities to form the basis of this programme of events. Topics and timings may vary to accommodate speakers’ schedules and the legislative agenda, especially in an election year.


Throughout each of our events below, we will cover the following broad themes through discussion:

  1. The Role of Technology in Addressing Critical UK Needs
  2. Democracy and Technology


Emerging Technologies in Partnership with the Information Commissioner’s Office

What role can the sector play in helping ensure the UK has the appropriate skills and regulation to harness the opportunities of emerging technologies? 

Members event – Reception

Date: 2:00pm, 22nd February, Thames Pavilion


  • Does the UK have the requisite skills to harness the opportunities of emerging technologies?
  • What can the sector do to advocate for the safe adoption of emerging technologies?
  • What role can emerging technologies play in the UK public sector?
  • How can we ensure the regulatory system is flexible enough to allow for the development of emerging technologies?


Artificial Intelligence and the UK Creative Sector

How can the two complement each other?

Member’s Event – Q & A

Date: 3:30pm, 20th March, Home Room


  • What risks does AI pose to the UK creative industries?
  • How can Parliament ensure the UK creative sector is protected from potential risks?
  • What opportunities for growth does AI present?
  • What are the copyright and ethical considerations of utilising AI in the creative industries?
  • How can the UK regulatory landscape keep pace with the fast-developing world of AI?


Cyber Security

How do we ensure the UK’s democracy is protected from cyber-attacks and malicious actors?

Member’s Event – Panel

Date: TBC


  • What steps can individuals and businesses in the UK take to prevent cyber attacks?
  • What risks are there to democracy from cyber attacks in the UK and beyond?
  • What can individuals and businesses do to balance cyber risk and cyber defence?
  • How can the sector work with Parliament to drive awareness of cyber threats and educate civilians on preventative measures?

Diversity Rally – ‘What role can tech play in making the public sector more equitable?’

Opportunities and risks to underrepresented groups in the sector and beyond.

Member’s Event – Reception

Date: 19th June, Thames Pavilion


  • How can we ensure that vulnerable members of the public are not shut out as essential services increasingly digitise?
  • How can a digital skills agenda help tackle the socio-economic digital divide?
  • How can we ensure the public sector has the right workforce to capitalise on the opportunities of technology?
  • How can PICTFOR members further collaborate to maintain momentum and best practice when looking to diversify the public sector?
  • How can tech increase access to public services for underrepresented groups?



How can advanced connectivity further technological innovation?

Member’s Event – Reception in the House of Commons

Date: TBC


  • What benefits can advanced connectivity provide to the UK?
  • What resources and regulations are required to ensure the UK is adequately connected?
  • What does the future of telecoms look like?
  • What can we learn from recent mergers and how these impact competition within the industry?


The Future of Digital Regulation

How must regulation evolve at pace to match the tech sector? 

Member’s Event – panel

Date: TBC


  • How can the regulator work internationally to regulate the online space?
  • How can regulatory collaboration in this space support the digital skills agenda?
  • What role should Parliament play in overseeing the role of the regulator?
  • How can we encourage further collaboration between regulators and industry?
  • Are there adequate resources for regulators to oversee existing and evolving issues?
  • How do we balance online safety with online privacy?


Annual Dinner

Theme (TBC)

Member’s Event

Date: 7:00pm, 27th November, Cholmondeley Room


PICTFOR Hustings and Manifesto Launch

What does the Tech Sector need from the next Government?

Member’s Event – Q & A

Date: TBC


  • A chance for members to ask questions of and share their vision for the support the sector needs under the next Government.

If you would like further information on this topic or about PICTFOR’s programme of events, please get in touch!

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