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Programme of Events 2021

The secretariat has solicited suggestions from PICTFOR’s Parliamentarian, industry and stakeholder members and used the resulting priorities to form the basis of this programme of events. Topics and timings may vary to accommodate speakers’ schedules and the legislative programme. Please note with respect to the upcoming events below that further details, including speakers and timings, will be announced at a later date, and PICTFOR will be holding all events virtually until safe to hold in-person and ‘hybrid’ events.



Throughout each of our events below, we will cover the following broad themes through discussion:


  1. Britain’s Place in the World – What more can the UK do to ensure that we continue to be outward facing and further position ourselves as a global digital leader in the years to come?


  1. Climate Change & Tech – How can the tech sector help the UK combat climate change and be a positive force for environmentalism?


Following regular discussions with PICTFOR’s Co-chairs, Treasurer and Industry Chair, the Secretariat has curated the events programme to further reflect the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. PICTFOR prides itself on delivering timely, bespoke events that provide its members with an opportunity to engage with the parliamentary legislative agenda, with this in mind the below schedule is subject to change in reflection of this landscape and events will be held virtually until safe to meet in person. We will continue to ensure the issues of diversity and tech ethics are touched on during all events.



Skills & Scale Up 

Start-up to Global – how can the UK nurture more Unicorns?

Member’s Event – Panel

Date: Monday 18 January 2021



  • How do we rebuild the digital economy to ensure the UK is the best place in the world to start and scale a globally successful company?
  • How do we forecast to ensure we are upskilling the nation for emerging tech roles?
  • How can the UK further promote companies and individuals responding to global challenges, including climate change and digital exclusion?
  • What additional skills and investment do we need to further advance the UK’s ability to host tech unicorns?
  • What more can be done to encourage and support diversity in this space?
  • How do we ensure that entrepreneurs are ready for all aspects of e-commerce?



  • Small Business Minister, Paul Scully MP
  • Chair of the Digital Skills APPG, Julie Elliott MP



Cyber Security

How has the Integrated Defence Review changed tech’s role in defence?



  • How can we ensure the UK’s cybersecurity sector continues to be world-leading?
  • What more can be done to ensure that the sector is attracting top talent, embracing innovation and encouraging public and private sector collaboration?
  • How can the sector ensure SI is used efficiently and ethically to keep the nation safe?
  • How has the IDR and increased MoD funding for Cyber changed the way we view Cyber Security?
  • What can Government and industry do to further ensure cyber security is a national skill and embraced throughout society?
  • Has enough been done throughout the pandemic to prevent and investigate cyber-attacks on those making a rapid switch to working and learning from home?
  • How do we protect financial services as we move further away from a cash focused economy?



Levelling Up Through Digital

How can Tech and Digital support the levelling up agenda, bridging the geographical and socio-economic divide? 

Member’s Event – Panel and Q&A

Date: TBC



  • In light of the rapid switch to remote working in the UK, how can we further innovate for consumer fairness and better regulation?
  • How can we further strive for digital equality, ensuring no one is left behind by the digital revolution?
  • How can industry further support those who are at risk of becoming isolated?
  • How can we further incentivise telecoms organisations to build in rural areas?



The Tech Sector and the Climate Emergency

How can the Tech Sector further support the net zero agenda?

Member’s Event – Roundtable

Partnering Group TBC



  • What is the sector already doing to support the UK’s net zero agenda?
  • How can technology support in the reduction of emissions in the home and on an industrial level?
  • How can we further educate people on the energy and climate implications of their tech?
  • With regard to the climate, how can we celebrate best-practice and amend bad practice within the sector?
  • What role can the sector play in the UK’s future Industrial Strategy and how can AI support the UK’s clean growth?



Online Harms

Then and Now: What have we learnt from the Online Harms Bill?

Member’s Event – Roundtable

Date: TBC

Partnering Group TBC



  • What have been the main learnings for the sector since last year?
  • How can the sector further work with Parliament to ensure legislators fully understand the challenges of regulating the online space?
  • How can we further work internationally to tackle global online harms?
  • To what extent are existing frameworks for regulating data and AI use sufficient to prevent future harm?


Platforms for Growth – Boosting Productivity Through Tech

How can the tech sector further support SMEs and the wider economy, creating positive environments for growth?

Member’s Event – Reception with speeches and networking

Date: TBC

Co-sponsored by Facebook and (TBC)


  • How has digital transformation enabled SMEs to introduce themselves to an online market throughout 2020?
  • How can the sector utilise upcoming legislative frameworks such as the AI Sector Deal, to ensure that consumers and business owners aren’t misinformed about potentially vital technologies?
  • How can tech sector further support the Governments National Data Strategy, creating a world-leading data economy in the UK?
  • How do we ensure that there are substantial and shared economic benefits from the AI review and the Governments upcoming Industrial Strategy?
  • How can tech support SME’s with reducing their carbon footprint?



Investment, Infrastructure and 5G – What have we learnt in a Year?

What further strategic investment will help to ensure Britain retains our growing cutting-edge digital economy

CEO Forum open to Parliamentarians and corporate level members

Date: TBC


  • How has the pandemic effected the UK’s ambitions for digital infrastructure?
  • How do we balance the powers granted and conditions set within the Electronics Code, with the needs of local and community stakeholders?
  • How can the UK drive a competitive market for connectivity at both wholesale and retail levels, providing consumers with choice and increasing performance?
  • How can we further ensure that access to infrastructure is available for all service providers?


Annual Dinner

Member’s Event (additional cost)

Date: TBC



Diversity Rally – ‘Celebrating Diversity in Tech’

Pro-tech, Pro-innovation, Pro-diversity: How can greater accountability help the sector and the world?

Member’s Event – Welcome Back Reception or Roundtable/Panel

Date: TBC



  • How can we ensure commitment to diversity and good company culture is non-optional for top companies?
  • How can we encourage the sector to share their experiences on D&I, enabling a celebration of best practice among thought leaders?
  • How can the sector further drive Diversity and Inclusion from the top down, encouraging global companies to lead by example?
  • What role can the sector play in pushing for more equal representation among legislators?
  • How can the sector drive inclusion through skills and equal access to tech education?




How can the UK ensure it becomes world leading in HealthTech?

Member’s Event – Panel

Date: TBC



  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, how do we ensure the UK embraces cutting edge innovation which best serves the NHS and patients?
  • How can the UK ensure equal access to a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • What are the biggest issues facing the digitalisation of the NHS?
  • How can the sector further support the NHS to ensure the UK secures the basics before looking to ambitious Health Tech targets?
  • How do we ensure the advancement of Health Tech remains as a valuable tool for the health sector, but not as a solution to reduce the need for face-to-face medicine?
  • How can the advancement of Health Tech help reduce emissions and change perceptions about the need to travel for care?



The Evolution of Online Entertainment

What role can the sector play in helping policy makers embrace the evolution of entertainment, celebrating its positive influence and mitigating its negative impacts? 

Members event – Roundtable

Date: TBC



  • How can the sector support Parliament as it attempts to legislate for a rapidly changing entertainment environment?
  • What can the sector do to advocate a global code of conduct?
  • How have online streaming sites effected the nature of Public Service Broadcasting?
  • How do we ensure that sensitive content is only available to those of an appropriate age?




What are the challenges and opportunities facing the rapidly evolving UK education sector?

CEO Forum open to Parliamentarians and corporate level members

Date: TBC



  • How has our approach to education changed since the pandemic?
  • How can we make sure that an evolving education system is inclusive and flexible to students’ needs?
  • Can the UK remain world-leading in its education system as the world evolves?
  • Can advancements in EdTech help cut emissions from overseas students as world leading education is delivered virtually?



Research and Development

How can the tech sector further drive innovation in the UK’s economy?

CEO Forum – Panel

Date: TBC



  • How do we continue to rebuild the digital economy to ensure the UK is the best place in the world innovate?
  • How can the UK further promote companies and individuals responding to global challenges, including climate change and digital exclusion?
  • What external stimulus does the sector need to continue to grow and excel in Research and Development?
  • What more can be done to encourage and support diversity in this space?



If you would like to sponsor one of the above events or have an idea for an event you would like to sponsor, the secretariat would love to hear from you events@pictfor.org.uk.

If you would like further information on this topic or about PICTFOR’s programme of events, please get in touch!

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